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Unused rap punchlines

Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. Getty Images diss-lines-featured It's a harsh world out there, particularly if you're on top—or gunning for that role.

But let's face it: it's two MCs battling for rap supremacy that can bring out the best in both of them, and creates the most fun for fans debating over who won any particular beef. And hip-hop, of course, has served up plenty over the years. As long as nothing ever bleeds into violence, rappers going at each other on wax is one of the most entertaining aspects of the artform, with cleverness often coming out on top, but brutal bars knocking out anything in their way.

While we're in the midst—or are we? From the infamous Jay Z vs. Nas feud to the far-reaching East Coast vs. West Coast dog fight to the battle for the title of King of the South, here are 50 of the most brutal diss lines in rap history.

I got XXL 's number anyways And y'all can't stand it 'cause they gettin' bigger than y'all". Getty Images Power A, Dr. Filed Under: diss tracksdissesEditor's PicksFeaturefeatured.

unused rap punchlines

Categories: News. Back To Top.Got something important to say? Jumbo Headline! Posted on Sunday, April 19th, The way mothers feel for they sons, how fathers feel for they daughters; When he date, he straight, chip off his own papa. When she date, we wait behind the door with the sawed off, Cause we think no one is good enough for our daughters.

More from Nas…. Posted on Saturday, April 18th, Posted on Friday, April 17th, My style is strong like hard lumber; Cute chicks get the dick, Ugly bitches get the wrong number. Posted on Thursday, April 16th, Posted on Wednesday, April 15th, Went to pull you off my dick and got the pliers stuck. More from Em…. Posted on Tuesday, April 14th, You tried keeping it real, but you should try keeping it right. More from De La…. Posted on Monday, April 13th, I give you life decoded, Nicely quoted.

Yen Lo More from Ka…. Posted on Sunday, April 12th, A simple right or left Can mean life or death. Epic fail, or nice success, Days of pleasure…nights of stress.

unused rap punchlines

Posted on Saturday, April 11th, A friend with weed is a friend indeed, Word to the stem, word to the seed. Posted on Friday, April 10th, More from Biggiemore from Meth. Posted on Thursday, April 9th, Posted on Wednesday, April 8th, They say signs of the end is near; I wonder…can I walk a righteous path holding a beer?

More from Com…. Posted on Tuesday, April 7th, More from the Jungle Brothers…. Posted on Monday, April 6th, Pop pills, smoke weed, even get drunk too; And you do what you can, and I do what I want to.

More from P! Posted on Sunday, April 5th, Some outsiders of the music industry may lead you to believe that writing killer freestyle punchlines is an easy task. The reality is that it is actually quite difficult to write punchline rap lyrics that are really amazing and will draw the attention of your fans.

Here are 10 tips that can help you create killer punchline rap bars and lyrics. Picking the right, professional quality beats will help your flow and vocabulary. Taking your rap game seriously is what separates the people who make a couple songs and never do anything with them from those that invest in their craft and take it far! Don't just settle for what's cheap and free. That's how you stay broke. You need to think of your song as something that can be so descriptive that a person can close their eyes and just imagine what you are talking about.

Be sure to use a lot of imagery in the song so everyone can feel exactly what you want them to. You really need to prepare before you start writing your punchline. Listen to artists that really inspire you and be sure to that you learn all about the structure of writing a punchline.

Are you going to go with a couplet or single punchlines? These are things to think about before you write.

160 Best Rap Quotes and Lyrics about Life, Love and Success

You may want to keep writing lyrics and punchlines over time on topics that are timeless and will always be relevant. It is important to find a happy balance between writing meaningful and amazing similes and metaphors and other types of language in your punchline.

There is such a thing as overusing these techniques and you need to avoid this. This is another area where you need to tread carefully. As with any type of art, the punchline needs to be relevant to things that are going on today or in the past that your listeners can relate to.

The punchlines should be something that surprises your listeners. By clever use of the English language, you can make unique word combinations that will surprise your listeners as well as help these lines become memorable and quotable.

You can spit all of the words that you want but there needs to be a focus on your delivery. Things like dramatic pauses can be just as effective as actually words, so you should learn to properly utilize these strategies. Whenever you are writing anything, it can be so easy to stress yourself out about the words you are using. However, this can hurt the quality of your work. Let the words just flow and fix what needs to be fixed afterwards.

By using a similar rhyme, you can have the same effect in flow without stressing out about the words.

Join the Artist Help Program to get my music marketing blueprint that helped me get over 4 Million Hits! No Spam Guarantee. Powered by OptimizePress 2. Pre-Write Your Lines. Keep Them Relevant. Make Them Surprising.During these challenging times, we guarantee we will work tirelessly to support you. We will continue to give you accurate and timely information throughout the crisis, and we will deliver on our mission — to help everyone in the world learn how to do anything — no matter what.

Thank you to our community and to all of our readers who are working to aid others in this time of crisis, and to all of those who are making personal sacrifices for the good of their communities. We will get through this together. Updated: April 15, Reader-Approved References. The punchline of your rap is a heavyweight hitter. Prep to punch by training and building stockpile, execute the line with class and style, use expert techniques to your audience beguile, and your fans will remember your punchline till old and senile.

To write a rap punchline, you can either write a single line punchline or a couplet. For a single line punchline, you want to come up with something that's clever and to the point. For example, you could write "High class like a senior in secondary" or "I climb the ladder to success escalator style. For example, your couplet could be like "Two wrongs don't make a right.

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unused rap punchlines

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How To Create Rap Punchlines That Hit HARD!

Mumford and Sons's video for "Beloved" will move you. Mansionair's Vignette Series soundtrack your emotions. Mansionair's series of shorts syncs up your emotions with their music. Contact Us Privacy Baeble.

Toggle navigation. Baeble Blog. Like our Page. The closest I've ever become to being a rapper is when I accidentally say something that rhymes, and even then I sound more like a fool than an actual artist. Writing a rap song is hard enough, but delivering verses that cut and inspire awe in as few words as possible is an even greater feat. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it is a good place to start if you're looking for 20 of the most fire bars and one liners in the history of rap.

Arguably one of the first and most memorable one liners, it set the stage for rap as an expression of urban anger and frustrations.

Hot Baeble Videos. Sexy Song. Sofi Tukker live at Baeble HQ. Stereo Jane live at Studio. About Baeble Music Words Sitemap. Concerts Music Videos Planned Parenthood. All rights reserved.Why are nairaland rappers droppin lines like childrn?

Metaphors and Similes in Hip-Hop

Yal must be kidin koz yal aint repin. Guessed i been away fo too long Huh, well i'm ready to drop ma shit. Barrack obama, so be ma pal, we get on nd 4get we eva dissed, Did i hear ya say case-closed cuz its too great 2 be judged, or maybe i losed my conscience its on D loose, guess what? I'mma get it back, muthaf, u, c. She is a first class bitch a girl of sixteen, she said she raps faster, listen i rap better, wether any bloody weather. Nice rap but it was wack I could wait for it to end, I might be juicygirl but my raps are tight my style is fat like saragose, Atilla you talk alot of trash but can you back that big mouth up, Am ill get all up in your face like eddy mury so don't worry, You might live here but I juicygirl own the NL come ova wheneva you wana get black out, Or you might just get knock out you wana get in a fight ill call my black night.

I beat you up lyrically I knock you out physically Stab me, shoot me, you can't get rid of me. Im beginin 2 loose my stand jxt coz I entermingled wit all deze wackos, nuffin iz impressive about y'all. Enuff section 4 clowns, damn! Keep fakin it boy. Hear you rappin but I think I heard enough, Boy you think your tough, Your stuff is more like a bluff, To me your a marshmellow fluff, Just a tiny yellow huff, Like your mamas cream puff, Your just a small stuff, Like my small dog fak off, Not enough to make a real stuff.

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With no vaseline, just a match and a little bit of gasoline. Light 'em up, burn 'em up, flame on Evans get gunned up and clapped quick Your whole damn record label gunned up and clapped quick Sean Carter to Jay-Z, damn you on Jaz dick So little shorty's gettin gunned up and clapped quick How much of Biggie's rhymes is gon' come out your fat lips? Wanted to be on every last one of my classics You pop shit, apologize, nigga, just ask, Kiss.

De Kapitein To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 50 or greater. I And since you infatuated with saying that gay shit Yes you was kissing my dick when you was kissing that bitch Me and the boy A.

I got more in Common than just ballin n rhymin. More in Carmen. Hence Forward. You fake Irish faggot You got a big booty Everlast let me tag it Cause you look like a Roman but you try to clown I kicked you in your ass that's why you jump around Dj Quik to Everlast. Legendary Song - Winter Snow To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 50 or greater. Last Jump to page:. By Spook in forum The Lounge.

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